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Smart Heating with High Load Switch

Smart Heating with High Load Switch

If you want to automate your heating, HELTUN’s High Load Switch is an excellent choice. It may be mounted inside a junction box behind a standard "dumb" switch or on a DIN rail inside an electrical panel, using an accessory adapter from HELTUN.

In terms of heating regulation, the High Load Switch offers exactly the same features as the Heating Thermostat from HELTUN. Since it doesn't have a screen, you are welcome to use your smartphone or an app to operate it, but you can't physically press the buttons.

Why Use High Load Switch for Heating?

The downsides of High Load Switches are also their upsides. As there is no screen, it means no one can change the temperature by physically pressing the buttons. This is highly valued by the hospitality industry and building automation companies to provide an energy-effective environment for their customers.

High Load Switches are much more cost-effective if you have dozens or even hundreds of thermostats in your installation. One may save around $1000 for each 10 of High Load Switches installed compared to traditional smart thermostats.

The other possible use case is controlling several heating units with only one Heating Thermostat, for example in a large open space office, when there is no direct wiring to each heating point. In this case it is possible to install only one Heating Thermostat (HT) and add High Load Switches (HLS) to each heating unit, creating a Z-Wave connection between the HT and HLSs.

HELTUN High Load Switch with Connections

What is Special about High Load Switches with Thermostat Functions?

The highest max load on the market: 16A, or 3.5 kW for 220V networks.

Real-time power consumption measurement: you can understand how much your heating system consumes both in real time and daily, weekly, and monthly.

High Load Switches may be controlled by other devices through a pilot wire. This is particularly interesting for connecting HLS to alarm systems, which will automatically reduce the heating when your house is empty.

High Load Switch is 26 mm deep and can be easily installed into any standard outlet box (rectangular or round type).

Advanced Zero-Cross feature saves the lifetime of both the device itself and your heating system: it delivers switch timing at 0V to minimize high inrush currents and adapts to relay amortization over time to enable precise timing no matter how fast or slow the relay reacts.

High Load Switches work with any Z-Wave hub: you’re free to integrate into your existing

system or create your own based on your personal requirements.

High Load Switch by HELTUN: Extra Safe, Extra Reliable

Extra protection secures your home, provides security for your children and smart aging for your elder relatives. The following protection scenarios are possible with High Load Switches:

Overload and overcurrent: auto shut down to protect against circuit overload/overcurrent

Overheat: notify and shut off when temperatures are reaching a critical shutoff level (fire prevention)

High Load Timeout: auto shut off if someone leaves a device turned ON for more than a set amount of time

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