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Saving Money with Smart Thermostats: TIME Mode

When it comes to your monthly electric bill, heating and cooling your home can take up a sizable chunk. You can better manage your home's energy consumption with the help of modern smart thermostats, which offer a range of customizable control options like programmable timers and individual room temperature settings.

The Z-Wave 700-series smart Heating Thermostat by HELTUN is a great example of a thermostat that uses the smart home-specific Z-Wave protocol. Cheaper thermostats feature Wi-Fi chips, allowing for online interaction. Managing a thermostat is a lot easier with web interfaces and mobile app control than with conventional thermostat programming, and smart thermostats have many features that “dumb” thermostats lack.

The average person spends 12 to 14 hours per day at home. A vacant home only requires minimal heating the rest of the time. Setting your home's comfort level to 18° Celsius overnight, which is thought to be the ideal sleeping temperature, can make a significant difference considering that a large portion of the time your family spends at home is sleeping.

Setting up the TIME Mode with HELTUN Heating Thermostat
Setting up the TIME Mode with HELTUN Heating Thermostat

By using your Heating Thermostat by HELTUN in TIME mode, you can save up to 50% on your energy costs and protect the environment. You can tailor the level of comfort in your home to the routines of your family by lowering the temperature while everyone is away and increasing it in the evenings and early mornings when everyone is home.

You can set various temperatures for Morning, Day, Evening, or Night using the TIME mode. For instance, "Morning" mode might begin at 7:00 at 23°C and the thermostat may switch to "Day" mode at 8:30 at 17°C once everyone has left for work and school. "Evening" mode might start at 16:00 @ 22°C and then shift to "Night" at 2300 @ 18°C. You can significantly reduce your energy costs by setting temperatures for these four times of the day. You can also change them for weekdays versus weekends.

You may find more information about setting up energy saving modes with HELTUN Heating Thermostat in the User Manual.

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