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High Load Switch: Extra Protection for Smart Aging

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

The ability to use smart home technology will help seniors maintain their safety and wellbeing, even though many of them are less technologically savvy than younger generations.

Seniors who use smart home technology can also benefit their families, friends, neighbors, first responders, and others in addition to themselves.

A safer home for seniors is one that has smart home technology that can prevent emergencies. With the help of smart devices, families can feel safe leaving their elderly loved ones at home while they go out or go to work.

Installation of a 16A High Load Switch by HELTUN not only makes your “dumb” socket smart, it also provides the following safety features:

High Load Timeout Protection: Power Threshold

There are situations when you or your loved ones can forget to turn off some high-load appliances, like an iron, oven, coffee maker, or hair dryer. When the High Load Switch is used to control an electric socket, it can automatically switch off the socket if the potentially dangerous high load is connected for a certain period of time. You just have to set up the timeout time in minutes and the threshold value in watts, beyond which the connected load is considered high.


This function keeps the socket off all the time when there is nothing connected to it. The device will switch off the relay output when there is no consumption and switch on the output again when the load is reconnected. It is possible to set the delay for both the AUTO OFF and AUTO ON functions.

Overheat Protection

You can define the maximum limit of temperature, reaching which the device will automatically switch OFF the load.

Over-Current and Over-Load Protection

You can define the maximum power in watts for the connected load. The device will automatically switch off the output if the power consumed by the connected load exceeds this limit. The device will also automatically switch off if the connected load current exceeds 16A (may be disabled).

Over-Voltage and Voltage Drop Protection

The device constantly monitors the voltage of your electricity network. You can define the maximum/minimum voltage of the network, and if the voltage is beyond the threshold, the device will automatically switch off the output.

Sparks Protection & Notification

If a connected load fails, it can create sparks that may cause a fire. The device constantly monitors the power consumption of connected load and can detect even a small surge in consumption and automatically switch off the output.

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