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Control AC and DC Devices by a Single Switch

It's difficult to design a smart home and customize it for your specific needs. In addition to planning issues, having different voltages throughout your home is a problem.

Although the majority of your home's appliances run on 220 or 110 VAC, some necessary gadgets only require DC voltage. Typically, these are battery-operated appliances like emergency lighting, motorized blinds, or motion sensors.

Z-Wave Touch Panel Switches and Relay Switches by HELTUN work with dry contact relays. It implies that the output will receive an exact copy of the input voltage. If you have 220VAC on input you will have the exact 220VAC on output. If you apply 12VDC to an input, an associated dry control relay will send 12VDC to a corresponding output.

It enables the combination of AC and DC controls in one device, allowing you to use a single switch to turn on and off your lighting and operate your DC-powered smart blinds. Or use a single device to control both your DC smart gates and AC garden lighting.

  1. Makes your ‘dumb’ socket or switch smart

  2. Controls up to 5 AC and DC devices, even simultaneously

  3. Has 6 external control inputs for additional devices: you can connect other physical wall-mount switches to control your light from different locations or control several rooms using a single switch

  4. Zero cross functionality saves lifetime of both the device itself and your heating system

  5. Work with any Z-Wave hub: you’re free to integrate into your existing system or create your own based on your personal requirements

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