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HELTUN ships the first samples of the new Z-Wave 700 certified products

Ready, set, go! We have reached the final milestone before our next generation smart home products reach customers all over the globe. HELTUN engineers have done an outstanding job over the past year, developing products with ‘Impossibly Smart’ functionality and polished off with a stylish, yet elegant design. All of HELTUN’s products now certified on the latest Z-Wave Plus® v2 700 platform will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

HELTUN has already shipped the first samples of its Z-Wave 700 certified products to distributors and retailers. Each Sample Kit contains the five smart home products with accessories, all packed in an exquisite black box. The new generation of HELTUN products developed on the Z-wave 700 series platform include:

  • The HE-HT01 is ‘Impossibly Smart’ and ‘Impossibly Thin’ Heating Thermostat, designed to maintain constant room and floor temperatures by providing sensors for both ambient and radiant floor heating systems. It controls electric heating systems like radiators, convection or electric firreplaces, plus boilers, and electric underfloor heating. Built-in Power Consumption System precisely monitors how much energy you used during any particular day, week, or month.

  • The HE-FT01 Fan Coil Thermostat is elegantly designed and ‘Impossibly Smart’ providing wireless over-the-Internet control of your home’s fan coil heating/cooling system. It maintains constant room temperatures by using internal air temperature sensor and controls 2-pipe or 4-pipe air conditioning/heating systems such as: split/multi-split systems, chillers and fan coil unit systems, central air conditioning systems, multi-zone VRF/VRV, etc.

  • The HE-TPS05 Advanced Programmable Touch Panel Switch “Quinto” brings ‘Impossibly Smart’ capabilities to your home lighting or motorized blinds, door locks, gates, and valves. It replaces an existing in-wall switch and brings over-the-Internet monitoring, control, and advanced programmability to five connected devices. Quinto is ‘Impossibly Thin’ on the wall yet packed with features to provide the ultimate in control and convenience.

  • The HE-RS01 Relay Switch “Quinto” fits easily behind switches in standard electrical junction boxes or in a circuit breaker panel making connected devices ‘Impossibly Smart’. Thanks to Quinto’s five-channel relays it can manage either: 1) up to five On/Off devices, 2) three On/Off devices and one bidirectional motor, or 3) one On/Off device and two bidirectional motors. Two independent relay channel inputs allow control of systems with dierent power sources or use of relay outputs as dry contacts.

  • The HE-HLS01 High Load Switch with Thermostat Functions fits easily behind outlets making them ‘Impossibly Smart’ with over-the-Internet control and advanced programmability. In addition, built-in Power Consumption System helps to monitor how much energy was used. With included NTC temperature sensor it provides thermostat functions where a local display and controls are not needed. The High Load Switch also adds safety to your home by protecting against overloads, overheat, overvoltage, spark and surge conditions.

Speaking on the concept of the Sample Kits, Ashot Mashuryan, founder & CEO of HELTUN said: “We have quite a few requests each week from our distributors who are impatient to try the advanced features offered by the latest Z-Wave 700 products from HELTUN. Being constantly ahead of the curve in promoting the latest technologies HELTUN is happy to engage its partners in this exciting journey”.

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