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HELTUN Markets its Five New Z-Wave Plus v2 Certified Products

Meet our new range of 'Impossibly Smart' home automation products developed on the latest Z-Wave 700 platform!

It's been a long wait for our customers, as the global supply and logistics disruptions caused by COVID-19 seriously affected our initially planned timings for the market entry, but we are proud to finally announce that HELTUN has now delivered its new range of Z-Wave Plus v2 certified products to distributors and retailers worldwide.

“Releasing nine models at a time was an extremely challenging task, but thanks to our team’s commitment and professionalism we did it,” said Ashot Mashuryan, CEO of HELTUN Inc. “We keep our promise of delivering a best-in class customer experience by investing in technical excellence and developing products that are ‘Impossibly Smart’ and future-friendly and we will continuously enhance our products with new features through firmware updates. We also put strong efforts to ensure excellent customer service and support.”

HELTUN’s new range of Z-Wave Plus v2 certified products includes:

  • The HELTUN Heating Thermostat - ‘Impossibly Smart’ and ‘Impossibly Thin’, designed to maintain constant room and floor temperatures by providing sensors for both ambient and radiant floor heating systems.

  • The HELTUN Fan Coil Thermostat which is elegantly designed and ‘Impossibly Smart’ providing wireless over-the-Internet control of your home’s fan coil heating/cooling system.

  • The HELTUN Touch Panel Switches with five varieties (1- 5 channels) bringing ‘Impossibly Smart’ capabilities to your home lighting or motorized blinds, door locks, gates, and valves.

  • The HELTUN Relay Switch “Quinto”- the first five-channel relay micromodule on the market which fits easily behind switches in standard electrical junction boxes or in a circuit breaker panel making connected devices ‘Impossibly Smart’.

  • The HELTUN High Load Switch – the first 16A load micromodule with Thermostat Functions which fits easily behind outlets making them ‘Impossibly Smart’ with over-the-Internet control and advanced programmability.

“Congratulations to HELTUN on shipping their five Z-Wave Plus v2 certified products,” said Mitchell Klein, Executive Director, Z-Wave Alliance. “Temperature and control devices continue to be important categories for smart home industry growth, and HELTUN’s unique offerings will make an excellent addition to the larger Z-Wave certified product ecosystem.”

The continuing impacts and consequences of the COVID-19 and a huge demand for HELTUN’s Z-Wave products from both existing and new distributors and retailers imply that the lead time for new orders will be four months from now.

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