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HELTUN launches its own assembly line

Today HELTUN announced the opening of an in-house assembly line. This news comes in the wake of several recent company-wide initiatives designed to ramp up mass production of our next generation HELTUN smart home products.

The new assembly line was fully designed by HELTUN engineers and is tailored to the specificities of HELTUN products. Тhe rich functionality and the amount of features embedded in HELTUN smart home products demand rigorous testing and quality control, revealing the necessity of a truly customized solution.

The robotic assembly line features a wide range of automated functions for flashing and testing of devices. This meticulously designed process allows us to achieve significantly higher speeds, precision and quality, ultimately increasing output while decreasing costs.

As reported earlier, HELTUN will only source separate parts and components from third-party suppliers, with the ultimate goal of organizing the final assembly of its smart home products in-house. HELTUN expects this decision to benefit the company in a number of ways including:

  • Better quality control

  • Elimination of human error

  • Shorter cycle time

  • Product design customization

“The decision to do the final assembly of the products in-house was a strategic one. We realize that outsourcing the full production process, including the final assembly, could be a cheaper option, but we’ve seen how much better the results are when the process is fully controlled by the people who developed the product. Plus, we are proud to label our smart home products ‘Made in Armenia.’ It’s fantastic”, said Ashot Mashuryan, founder and CEO of HELTUN.

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