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HELTUN announces the certification of its fourth product on the z-wave 700 platform

At HELTUN we never stop. Keeping our promise to step up mass production with next generation smart home products, we’re now thrilled to announce that one more HELTUN product has achieved Z-Wave Plus® v2 Certification on the Z-Wave 700 platform. Meet the Relay Switch Quinto HE-RS01.

The HELTUN HE-RS01 Relay Switch “Quinto” brings incredible capabilities to any connected devices: wireless control, energy savings, and absolute comfort and convenience for your home. It fits easily behind switches in standard electrical junction boxes - or in a circuit breaker panel connected to lights, valves, door locksor motorized devices - making them ‘Impossibly Smart’ with over-the-Internet monitoring, control, and advanced programmability.

Thanks to Quinto’s five-channel relays it can manage either: 1) up to five On/Off devices, 2) three On/Off devices and one bidirectional motor, or 3) one On/Off device and two bidirectional motors. Two independent relay channel inputs allow control of systems with different power sources or use of relay outputs as dry contacts.

  • Dimensions: 50x50x26mm

  • Software energy consumption meter

  • 5 dry contact channels with max load of 5A per channel

  • Outputs controls by internal scenarios using schedules and timers

  • Advanced zero-cross technology

  • Works both with VAC 85-265 and VDC 24-48

  • Can be installed in junction box and in circuit breaker panel

  • 5 pilot wires for external control

  • 20 association groups to control switches, dimmers and blinds

  • Latest Z-Wave 700 platform with S2 security and SmartStart

  • First multi frequency Z-Wave device

  • Z-Wave Plus V2 and CE certified

The HELTUN HE-RS01 is part of an entire line of smart, sleek and connected products designed to provide the best technology has to offer without compromising style, comfort, convenience, and accessibility.

HELTUN devices are compatible with all Z-Wave frequencies in a range of different countries. The full list of countries is available at

About Z-Wave

Z-Wave is the global market leader in wireless control, bringing affordable, reliable and easy-to-use ‘smart’ products to millions of people for use in daily life. With more than 3,200 certified interoperable products worldwide, Z-Wave is the leading wireless home control technology in the market today. Represented by the Z-Wave Alliance and supported by more than 700 companies around the world, the standard is a key enabler of smart living solutions for home security, energy, hospitality, business and commercial functions.

About Z-Wave Plus®

Z-Wave Plus® v2 is a certification program for devices that operate on the Z-Wave 700 hardware platform. All Z-Wave Plus products are fully backward compatible with existing versions of Z-Wave, and are fully interoperable between brands, like all certified Z-Wave products. The latest Z-Wave Plus v2 certification delivers a significantly improved customer experience by mandating the inclusion of SmartStart, a setup feature that brings true plug and play directly to the customer’s smart home, in addition to a myriad of other unique features.

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