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HELTUN and Kohost redefining the hotels guest experience

HELTUN, Inc., the company that makes ‘Impossibly Smart’ connected products, is pleased to announce a partnership with Kohost, a best-in-class digital ecosystem provider for hotels.

HELTUN’s product range is now officially on the Kohost Guest Experience Platform and can be controlled directly from the Kohost App-Less Solution.

HELTUN was the first company to introduce Z-Wave 700 series products certified for all available Z-Wave radio frequencies throughout the world and is now shipping its products across 25 countries. The new Z-Wave 700 series chipset provides longer range, stable connectivity, and the highest level of security.

HELTUN’s product range includes 9 models of future proof smart programmable thermostats and switches reflecting the company’s commitment toward outstanding functionality, elegant design, and uncompromised quality. HELTUN’s smart thermostats and touch panel switches are ‘Impossibly Thin’ on the wall, yet ‘Impossibly Smart,’ with the most complete set of functions and features available on the market. The company has also pioneered the development of the first Z-Wave five-channel relay switch and 16A high load switch with thermostat functions and dozens of safety features.

Kohost is an innovative, contactless, cost-saving technology that allows hotel guests to check in, unlock the door, control the lighting, temperature, and television in their suite all from the comfort of their own smartphone without the hassle of downloading an app. Additionally, guests can message the front desk, browse events, and even make reservations. It also provides hotels with a push marketing feature and a cost cutting energy management system, as well as additional backend technology to increase overall efficiency.

The first bundled experience of the Kohost digital platform and HELTUN smart products will soon materialize in one of the best hotels in Las Vegas.

“We are truly impressed with HELTUN because we finally found all the control and protection features that add value and convenience for our customers. HELTUN proved to be a clear leader in what concerns the design, security, and functional possibilities of the products. Besides having the only smart thermostat that can handle line voltage for heating and cooling, HELTUN has been amazing to work with. We had a customer with large holes left by old thermostats and HELTUN really came through with making custom matching backplates, so no drywall work was needed. Their commitment to engineering excellence and great customer service has been a real asset to us. We are glad to have them on the Kohost Platform, and we are sure that this is just the beginning of our strong and long-term partnership,” said Mark Day, Co-Founder of Kohost.

“At HELTUN we believe that technology should be beautiful and functional at the same time. We make extremely powerful smart home products that boast the richest set of features and configuration parameters for more customizable control options, while keeping the sleek and stylish design. The integration in the Kohost platform is a great opportunity for defining our footprint in the hospitality sector, and we were more than happy to offer extra customization to serve the project needs. We will continue to do our best to provide our partners with not only great products, but also the best service,” said Ashot Mashuryan, CEO at HELTUN Inc.

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