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Take control
over your comfort

Z-Wave 700 Heating Thermostat

When your comfort matters

When considering thermal comfort, what aspects are the most important? Is it general room temperature? Floor temperature? Or maybe something else?

Whatever the need, HELTUN guarantees to take care of it.

The most advanced programmable Z-wave thermostat with
HELTUN advanced Zero-Cross technology & up to 16A load.

Compatible with: Aeotec, ComfortClick, Eedomus, Ezlo, Fibaro HC LITE, HC2, HC3, Jeedom, Home Assistant, Homey, Hubitat, RazBerry, SmartThings, Thinka, Zipato gateways and Z-Wave JS library

MAP/RRP $174.99+VAT

thermostat_blue squares.png


We’re not just aiming at making smart home and IoT available for everyone. We want any HELTUN product to feel like a premium experience: starting from unboxing and after ten years of use.

HELTUN's Heating Thermostat is the thinnest on the market. Its fire and short circuit resistant plastic casing is just 9mm thick.

Choose any style that suits your taste. Thermostat integrates seamlessly into your interior design and is available in several classy designs (white-white, white-silver, black-black,

White Glass with Silver Case
Black Glass with Silver Case
White Glass with White Case
Black Glass with Black Glossy Case
Heating thermostat internal sensors.png

Inputs & Outputs

You can connect an NTC temperature sensor to HELTUN thermostat (3m long and 3.5mm thick NTC sensor is included in the box) or use your existing sensor to control floor/roof temperatures. This sensor can be installed under the floorboard, on the roof or under the decking, allowing you to accurately measure the chosen surface temperature. It is fully compatible with NTC sensors from other manufacturers, so there is no need to replace existing sensors from your old thermostat when switching to HELTUN.

You can also control HELTUN thermostat by connecting it to an external system, such as linking it to the house alarm system, which will automatically reduce the ambient temperature when the house is empty.

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Know how much energy you are using

With our HELTUN built-in power consumption sensor, you can monitor precisely how much energy was used during any particular day, week or month.


Screen & Controls

HELTUN thermostat touch buttons are so sensitive that they react even before you physically touch them, processing the action at a 1-2mm distance.

HELTUN thermostat’s large LCD screen shows all the necessary information simultaneously and does not require any additional commands to access it.

There is an instant access to information from all sensors: ambient room temperature, air humidity, data from the external sensor (e.g. floor, decking or roof temperature), current temperature settings, Thermostat’s operational mode, date and time.

Automatic screen brightness control seamlessly adjusts to the ambient light conditions, making it easy to read even in the dark.


Manual control button to switch your heating on or off manually.


"Mode" button to quickly change the operating mode of the thermostat (e.g. switch to economy mode or to the fast floor drying mode, etc.)


"Time" button that allows you to quickly adjust the temperature for different time of day.


"Settings" button that allows to modify up to 30 various settings and parameters of the thermostat.


"+" and "-" buttons for adjusting the temperature.

HE-HT01 - White Glass with Silver Case front.png

This mode is recommended for maximum comfort. The factory default set point is 25.0°C.

Operating modes

Automatic comfort control

Choose the functioning of temperature control based on floor, ambient or combined readings. The HELTUN Z-Wave thermostat can be fine-tuned to provide maximum comfort at all times. For example, if ambient temperature is within your set limits but floor temperature drops, the underfloor heating system will be switched on automatically. The system safeguards will not allow the temperatures to rise above or drop below the comfort level.


If control is based only on the ambient air sensor, the thermostat will regulate the ambient temperature, regardless of the floor temperature.


If control is based on ambient sensor, but with floor temperature limits, the thermostat will maintain the specified temperature for air, but will not allow the floor temperature to deviate from the specified limits.


If control is based only on floor sensor, the thermostat will regulate the floor temperature, regardless of the ambient temperature.


If control is based on floor sensor, but with ambient limits, the thermostat will maintain the specified floor temperature, but will not allow the ambient temperature to deviate from the specified limits.



Hysteresis defines when the thermostat should switch the heating on or off when temperature changes. For example, if the desired temperature is 25 degrees Celsius and hysteresis value is set to 0.5 degrees, it will switch the heating on when ambient temperature drops to 24.5 degrees Celsius.

The higher your hysteresis value is set, the more energy you can save but at the same time the variations in your room temperature will be higher. The factory default is 0.5 degrees.

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Safe & Save

The HELTUN Z-Wave thermostat has a special feature to protect the floor from overheating; Under any circumstances, the thermostat will not allow the floor temperature to go above 40°C, regardless of the mode, since it can be harmful to the soles of the feet.

In case of a power cut or disconnection from the main power source, internal memory is not erased – once you switch the device back on, all your saved settings will be fully functional.

To prevent children from meddling with your thermostat settings, you can activate the special child-safe mode.

Easy installation

HELTUN smart products can be easily installed into any standard wall socket (rectangular or round type). We are also providing extra frames for selected countries where wall sockets are larger than average.


Z-Wave 700-series certified

You can connect HELTUN devices to a Smart Home gateway/controller using the latest Z-Wave Plus V2 700 platform. HELTUN features advanced Smart Start technology for easy system integration, and the Security 2 (S2) framework with AES 256 encryption for safe data transfer.

This thermostat is compatible with all Z-Wave certified controllers and devices that properly implement Z-Wave thermostat classes. Using a Z-Wave controller, you can manage all thermostat functions via a mobile application including temperature and mode changes, viewing accurate energy consumption charts, and much more.

You can associate HELTUN thermostat with any Z-Wave compatible ON/OFF switch, or other thermostat, to control different climate systems in a room. You can even connect motion sensors and change thermostat modes when people are detected in the house.

HELTUN devices are compatible with all Z-Wave frequencies for different countries (Europe, Russia, Israel, Australia, USA, India, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, ...). The full list of Z-Wave regions and frequencies is available at Z-Wave Global Regions SiLabs page. The correct frequency can be selected in the device menu.

HELTUN periodically releases new firmware with additional features and functionality which can be sent to devices via an encrypted OTA (Over-The-Air) update process.

Front frame dimensions: 89x89x9mm
Back dimensions: 53x53x28mm
Material: Flame retardant plastic, tempered glass
3 frame colors: Silver, Black, White
6 glass colors: White, Black (Yellow, Green, Red, Blue on request)
LCD: 72x42mm, black with white segments
6 sensitive capacitive touch buttons
Operating temperature: 0°C – +50°C
Power supply: 85VAC – 265VAC, 50Hz/60Hz or 24-48VDC
Power consumption: 1W
Maximum resistive load: 16A
Relay life time: 100 000 switches

Embedded ambient light sensor
Embedded room temperature sensor

  • Measurement range: -30°C to +80°C

  • Accuracy: ±0.5°C

Embedded humidity sensor

  • Measurement range: 0 – 80%RH

  • Accuracy: ±3.0%RH

External floor temperature sensor

  • NTC 10kOhm

  • Measurement range: -20°C to +80°C

  • Accuracy: ±0.5°C

Embedded energy consumption meter
IP class: IP21
Z-Wave Frequency: All countries
Z-Wave SDK: V7.11.1
Z-Wave Plus module: ZGM130S

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