HELTUN incorporates in USA

We are happy to share the great news! HELTUN has incorporated in the United States and now has locations in both Silicon Valley and Armenia.

Establishing a presence in the United States is a major milestone for our investment targets, which, along with other initiatives, brings HELTUN closer to US venture capital sources.

“Over the past two years, we’ve made a huge jump from our first prototype to mini mass production and distribution of our smart home products. We get amazing feedback from our customers about HELTUN Heating and Fan-Coil Thermostats and the Touch Panel Switch”, said Ashot Mashuryan, founder & CEO of HELTUN.

Venturing into the American market has another important advantage to HELTUN, as we aim to keep our patents under US law and offer safer deals to our large partners.

As Michael Dell once said: “Ideas are commodities, execution of them is not”. We believe that the journey we have taken so far is a good indicator of our future performance and will open up access to larger pools of capital needed for further growth.