HELTUN certifies its first product on the Z-Wave 700 platform

HELTUN has become one of the first members of the Z-Wave Alliance to certify its products on the Z-Wave Plus v2 700 platform.

HELTUN HE-HT01 Heating Thermostat achieved the Z-Wave Plus® v2 Certification using the Z-Wave 700 platform. The thermostat is certified for all available Z-Wave frequencies throughout the world.

Z-wave 700 series is the newest hardware platform featuring the latest advancements in Z-Wave technology: amazingly low power, increased battery life, improved wireless range and memory, faster automation and enhanced security.

“We make products that are meant to be sustainable and future-friendly. The 700 series edition of Z-Wave Plus chips and modules offer a whole new set of advantages, such as a multi-frequency support in a single chip and improved memory, which is now necessary to support the rich functionality of our products”, said Ashot Mashuryan, founder & CEO of HELTUN.

The HE-HT01 is HELTUN’s advanced programmable thermostat for heating systems that is ‘Impossibly Thin’ on the wall and stuffed full of cutting edge features:

  • Advanced zero-cross technology

  • Built-in temperature, humidity and ambient light sensors

  • Additional internal sensors to display the temperature with the utmost precision

  • Power Consumption System that precisely monitors energy use

  • Increased safety and security

The HELTUN HE-HT01 Heating Thermostat features Smart Start technology for easy system integration. It is compatible with all Z-Wave certified controllers and devices that properly implement Z-Wave thermostat classes and acts as a network range extender to other Z-Wave devices. The newest S2 security framework provides an additional layer of encryption of wireless signals.

The HELTUN HE-HT01 is part of an entire line of smart, connected products designed to provide the best technology has to offer without compromising style, comfort, convenience, and accessibility

About Z-Wave

Z-Wave is the global market leader in wireless control, bringing affordable, reliable and easy-to-use ‘smart’ products to millions of people for use in daily life. With more than 3,200 certified interoperable products worldwide, Z-Wave is the leading wireless home control technology in the market today. Represented by the Z-Wave Alliance and supported by more than 700 companies around the world, the standard is a key enabler of smart living solutions for home security, energy, hospitality, business and commercial functions.

About Z-Wave Plus®

Z-Wave Plus® v2 is a certification program for devices operating on the Z-Wave 700 hardware platform. All Z-Wave Plus products are fully backward compatible with existing versions of Z-Wave, and are fully interoperable between brands, like all certified Z-Wave products. The latest Z-Wave Plus v2 certification delivers a significantly improved customer experience by mandating the inclusion of SmartStart, a setup feature that brings true plug and play directly to the customer’s smart home, in addition to a myriad of other unique features.